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Clean, gentle animals visit your Christmas Nativity

Live Nativity Animals are available for church Christmas re-enactments, blessings, pageants and Palm Sunday Services. Our leash trained, mannerly animals are brought to your site to complete your living nativity manger scene. To add a unique way of bringing the wonder and true meaning of Christmas to life, Live Nativities are custom designed for your event. Whether it be a live re-enactment, play or animals as a background setting and petting zoo creche scene, the animals will bring your message to life.

Meet the Animals from the Bible: From the tale of Noah's Ark to the description of the manger in Bethlehem, animals play a very special part in the most loved Bible stories. In this unique, live animal presentation, children and adults will learn how the animals played a very special and important part in the most loved Bible Stories. Add Meet the Animals from the Bible Presentation to your live nativity package or petting zoo. Perfect for Vacation Bible Schools, Sunday Schools and family events, similar to the Farm Animal School Presentation, Meet the Animals from the Bible and hear their stories. Why were they kept? What makes a good shepherd? How did a goats horn call down the walls of Jericho? This presentation features a miniature donkey (complete with shadow of the cross), woolly sheep or lamb, goat, rooster, hen and a pure white dove.

Our mission is to Exceed your Expectations!

"Your staff were great! And the animals were amazing! We were thrilled! The stable that our stage crew built was so realistic, so your animals fit it perfectly. And everyone fell in love with Cisco [the donkey] - she was the sweetest of all! We've never done anything quite like this before, though we are very blessed with a large facility and a very experienced creative producer who runs a theatre and has done a lot these types of things and worked with animals in creative productions. We advertised this primarily via social media and word of mouth and ended up with increased attendance up by 35% from last year's Christmas Eve services! Definitely having a Live Nativity was a huge draw. I've attached a few photos - feel free to use any for your own advertising if you'd like, and also to use me as a reference if other churches would like one. I'm confident we will be working with you guys again - either with a Live Nativity or petting zoo for another function! " Nancy- Hope Church, King of Prussia, PA

"Kayleigh and her cast of animals were terrific! The critters behaved greatly and she was totally flexible with what we wanted her to do with them on the stage. I would highly recommend your services! You helped make our program super special." Darla - First Baptist Church, Perkasie

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Live Nativity Animals Live Animal Nativity
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Live Animal Nativities

Clean, gentle and friendly animals complement both indoor and outdoor events and draw large audiences

Miniature Sicilian Donkey
Friendly Goats
Woolly sheep
Alpaca (substitute camel)

Just a Little Donkey Poem
Just a little donkey
but on my back I bore
The one and only Savior
the world was waiting for.
Just a little donkey
but so strong and proud
who gladly carried Mary
through the chaos of the crowd.
Bringing her to the stable
where she made a tiny bed
A place for Baby Jesus
to lay his little head.
I pray the world remembers
that special Christmas night
when just a little donkey
carried Heaven's Precious Light
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