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The Down on the Farm Traveling Animal Education Program

Learn about the Farm Animals with the field trip that comes to you!

When was the last time you felt the delicate webbing between a ducks toes?

Where does lanolin come from?

Why don't sheep shrink when they are wet?

What is the difference between felt and wool?

These and many other questions will be answered in this unique, interactive visiting farm show!

Experience life on the farm with this unique educational program that features all Ten of the Critter Corral Mini Mobile Zoo animals:
Small woolly sheep
Friendly little goat
Two Gentle Bunny Rabbits
Two Quacking Ducks
Two Exotic Chickens
Two Indian Fantails

Learn about what they eat, their care and habits and about the role the animals fulfill on a working farm. Discover the wonderful products these animals provide for farmers, and the opportunity to touch and feel these products along with meeting and petting the gentle animals. Play a "strong egg" game, feel soft down feathers used for pillows and comforters, feel the texture of lamb's wool compared to the softest goats cashmere, mohair, goats milk products, examine a quill pen and touch and feel goat horns that were used as tools and instruments in ancient times.
Nusrsing homes, schools and camps may reserve the Down on the Farm educational Critter Corral by itself or add the presentation to any large petting zoo package for only $75.00!

Especially designed for smaller camp or school weekday morning programs:
The Mini Farmer Combo Package includes:
One Perfect Pony for Pony Rides!
and your choice of either:
The Down on the Farm Education Program
The Critter Corral Petting Zoo!
Children and staff enjoy one hour of unlimited pony rides AND a second hour with these 10 gentle & clean farm animals!

For more details on this entertaining and educational presentation please:
Reserve the Traveling Farm Program for Camps and Schools .

Animal Programs Farm Animal Education
Petting Zoo Programs Farm Animal Education
Down on the Farm

A Unique Farm Animal Education Program for Child Care Centers, Elementary Schools, Camps, Nursing homes etc. that comes to your location!
Guests have the opportunity to learn all about the farm animals and their life Down on the Farm!
The Down on the Farm Animal Educational Program is designed for children and students ages 4 and up. For younger "Farmers" this program is a perfect "animal meet and greet" Mini Petting Zoo.

Down on the Farm
& Critter Corral Rates:

Weekday morning/ early afternoon- $350- $650
Weekend & Holiday rates - $425 to $850
Rates vary upon package choice, travel time, fuel and toll charges within standard 50 mile service radius. Venues 50 to 100 miles incur additional travel and fuel fees and often require half day (4 or more hours) reservation. The more flexible you can be with date and times may allow for combined travel discounts if we can visit your event when we are already in the neighborhood.
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