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Girl Scout Horse Riding Programs in Pennsylvania

Where Education and Fun Meet!

Girl Scout equine educational programs cover the badge requirements for "Hands On" horse and pony care. This includes but is not limited to:

Basic Horse Safety
The Daily Care and Maintenance of Horses
The Diet, Exercise and Habits of Horses
Proper Horse Terminology
Breeds of Horses and Ponies
Names and Parts of the Saddle and Bridle
Equine Veterinary Care
A Question and Answer Period

Girl Scout Troops are put into small groups on a size appropriate horse or pony and play a game to learn the parts of the horse. The Girl Scouts learn how to properly prepare their horse to ride by grooming and brushing and how to correctly saddle and bridle their horse.

Many troops choose a holiday, half day or after school. Weekend dates are not available at this time.

Girl Scout Weekday Fees:
Juniors: for both the Horse Fan and Horse Rider Badges~$35 per child ~ $350.00 minimum.
Brownies/Daisys: for their Animal Lovers Badge~ $20.00 per child ~ $300.00 minimum.

Earning their horse care and riding badges is a wonderful learning experience for the Girl Scouts and their leaders to enjoy and remember!
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Juniors horseback ride in small groups, learning how to control, stop and start their horses. They learn how to walk and steer their horse around obstacles. Girls also play a game while on horseback and feel how bouncy the horse is at the trot while they experience posting!

There is a lot of Learning and Laughing!

At the end of the horseback lesson, the girl scouts untack their horses and learn how to clean the tack. There is a Question and Answer period and then they can give their mounts goodbye pets and treats. Depending on the number of girls, most troops visit for about two hours.

Brownies and Daisies cover all the same material, and then receive a pony ride with a handler as they are not quite old enough to control the pony on their own.

Farm Animal Education Programs with Traveling Petting Zoo animals visit your location for girl scout farm Animal Try It badges.

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