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My First Pony Traveling School Education Program

A unique pony education traveling program for daycare centers, nursery schools, camps and other organizations.

We Bring the Field Trip to You!
My First Pony is an interactive traveling horse education program for children and adults alike! When the pony visits your center, children have the opportunity to care for the ponies and learn all about them. Students learn to brush and groom the pony with the different types of brushes, learn how the pony is saddled or "tacked up", handle horseshoes, learn what ponies eat, how long they live and much more!
Children also play a game to learn interesting parts of the pony - i.e. withers, hock, stifle, hoof etc.
In the end, every child has a pony ride.

The My First Pony Education Program is designed to be a wonderful introduction to horses for your students or campers to learn about horses and ponies. The pony program may be added to any traveling pony ride package of your choice. Most camps/schools provide pony rides for all the children, and offer the My First Pony Program for children over four years old which teaches children interesting facts and safety about horses.
From how to safely groom the pony, to how horses are one of the oldest surviving mammals, this Pony Education Program will add a new dimension to your pony rides! The My First Pony Education Program is approximately 20 to 30 minutes long and comes in addition to your pony ride package. Pony Rides are appropriate for all ages, from babies to grandparents. The My First Pony Program is recommended for children ages four and up. After the program every child, regardless of age, receives a pony ride!
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How do Horseshoes get nailed on the hoof?

Where is a pony's ergot?

How long do ponies live?

What is the correct side to mount a horse- and why?

Learn the answers to these and many other equine questions in this unique, interactive visiting pony education show!

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